The Cheesy One
Board at Home Artisan Cheese and Gourmet Charcuterie Delivered
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The Cheesy One

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You’re not yet ready to accept that wine and cheese are life, but you’re getting close. And you appreciate hand-crafted cheese paired with good wine before a meal.

The Cheesy One Board at Home kit includes three wedges of artisanal cheese (18 ounces total) and a 4-ounce box of crackers. Add some charcuterie, almonds or fruit and take it to the next level. Or don’t. Either way, you win.

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  • Tastings

• Folly Cheese Co, Lillian: Made in the lush hills of Tomales, CA, Lillian is modeled after Swiss-French alpine style cheese. This full fat cow’s milk cheese is fruity and buttery with a kick of acid. Aged for 9 months, the natural rind provides a striking contrast to the yellow paste of the cheese.

• Central Coast Creamery, Big Rock Blue: Made with cow’s milk from the Paso Robles region, Big Rock Blue is dense and crumbly with a seaweed-green veining. Initial aromas are reminiscent of sour cream and citrus, which give way to a creaminess that coats the palate, hints of fresh butter and salty bacon.

• Bohemian Creamery, Boho Belle: Made with organic Jersey cow milk in the Bel Paese tradition. Each wheel is aged 6-8 weeks to allow for the natural development of geotrichum, a thin layer of white mold that enhances the vanilla flavors of this soft, rich cheese and helps maintain its deep, yellow rind. A semi-soft paste, Boho Belle is the perfect finish to any dessert. Its creamy texture and subtle finish pair nicely with bolder wines and fresh fruit.

• Rustic Bakery, Olive Oil & Sel Gris Flatbread Bites: Light and flaky, these delicious baked by hand flatbread crackers feature nutritious, organic ingredients like grey sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. A perfect compliment to any cheese.

As these handcrafted products are available in limited quantities, weights may vary slightly and we may occasionally have to make substitutions with similar items of equal quality.