MakeFoodLovely x B@H Collection
MakeFoodLovely x B@H Collection
MakeFoodLovely x B@H Collection
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MakeFoodLovely x B@H Collection

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Limited edition! Don't you love @MakeFoodLovely from the amazing Emily Love, wildly popular food stylist, host and caterer from Conneticut? We do too! Turns out it's mutual so we teamed up for this limited edition collection. We're featuring Emily's favorite items hand-picked from our most sought-after selections. Curated to "wow" guests at any gathering or your nightly dinner table. Each Collection comes with step-by-step instructions on designing a stunning board, and bonus tips and tricks from Emily — learn everything from how to cut the selections to how to style them for any occassion.

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Old World Aged Cheddar (6 ounces)
Modesto, California
Aged for up to 14 months, this cheddar is made in the traditional English style including a wrap of bandage, or cheese cloth, during the aging process. This straw colored cheddar has a robust nutty flavor with an earthy finish.

Toma (8 ounces)
Point Reyes Station, California
This classic and versatile Italian style table cheese is made in picturesque Point Reyes Station with pasteurized cow’s milk. This cheese is host to a spectacular buttery, creamy flavor with a grassy tang finish.

Fog Lights (6 ounces)
Arcata, California
Made by our friends at Cypress Grove in the Redwood Coast bioregion, Fog Lights is a close relative to the beloved Humboldt Fog. Fog Lights is a dense, fudgy, bloomy rinded goat's milk cheese with a tart, earthy flavor. The forecast calls for fog!

Smoked Mozzarella (6 ounces)
Crescent City, California
Starting with a classic pasta filata mozzarella, the team at Rumiano carefully hangs each individual loaf into their house smokers. Using only the best hickory wood chips, they treat this cheese for approximately 16 hours to develop a smoky, golden-brown rind that contrasts its clean milky flavors.

Moonstone (4 ounces)
Cambria, California
Hand made and aged in the picturesque Cambria, California, Moonstone is a pasteurized, natural rind, hard cow’s milk cheese. Made from a 50/50 blend of Jersey and Holstein milk from a local dairy, it has a rich, buttery and creamy flavor with a bit of zip at the end.

Roasted Almonds
(6.5 ounces)
Oroville, California
Perfectly roasted and simply salted, these high-quality almonds are grown by fifth-generation family farmers and roasted, and hand packaged in small batches in Butte County, California.

Pink Guava Jam (5 ounces)
Pacifica, California
Small Batch Jam Co.’s Pink Guava Jam is a reflection of co-founder Pablo’s Cuban heritage; growing up in a home where fresh guava and cheese were a desert held in high regard. Expect bright, juicy notes of tropical fruit tempered by citric acid and sugar with this fan favorite.

Strawberry Champagne Jam (5 ounces)
The all natural recipe for this small-batch, home-style and hand-made fruit preserve uses only fresh-picked strawberries, extra dry champagne, pure cane sugar, citrus pectin for gelling and a generous splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice adding a little zing to this decadent flavor combination.

Sopressa Salami (3 ounces)
Atascadero, California
Pre-sliced for convenience, Alle-Pia’s Sopressa Salami is made with Paso Robles Zinfandel wine and a touch of cayenne pepper to encapsulate the Northern Italian flavors from the Old World. Never made with preservatives or artificial flavors, and always made with love.

Finocchiona Salami (7 ounces)
Atascadero, California
Artisanal, dry cured salami made to capture the tastes of the Old World. Made by hand on California's Central Coast, each batch of Finocchiona Salami includes Italian Chianti wine, crushed fennel seed, black pepper, and love.

Olive Oil & Sel Gris Flatbread Bites (4.5 ounces)
Petaluma, California
Light and flaky, these delicious baked by hand flatbread crackers feature nutritious, organic ingredients like grey sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. A perfect compliment to any cheese.

California Wildflower Honey & Honey Dipper (4 ounces)
Orland, California
Fruit and floral overtones mingle with notes of fresh grass and sun-dried hay in this complex, yet oh so smooth and mellow golden honey. Plays nicely with cheeses!