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– Good Food. Good Times. –

Entertaining and down to earth, our experts are ready to share our love for good food crafted with care and attention to sustainable, regenerative traditions. In our virtual tastings (group orders qualify) we bring you the stories behind the food with personal tasting experiences and a chance to increase your cheese IQ. Or learn from some of the best (and most fun) in the biz with one of our cheesemaking or board design workshops. Get tips and techniques to create the perfect pairings, and all manner of food facts. It’s time to taste, make, pair, do!

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Cheese Tasting

— Gather a group & take a virtual tasting tour —

Satisfy your palate and your curiosity in our online Tasting Room. Have fun learning to distinguish differences in aroma, texture, and taste. Take a virtual trip with us. You’ll experience the feeling of traveling through the Northern California countryside to sun-warmed grazing lands, old dairy barns, small creameries, and cellars as you hear the stories of food responsibly crafted by hands-on artisans. It’s almost like you’re there.

Taste the products of family tradition, like the Swedish immigrants who taught the next generations how to turn raw milk into magic. Or the dry jack cheese that comes from 4 generations of cheese-making wisdom and a century old hand dug aging cave. Learn what aging is. Or any of the other cheese words you always wondered about. We will even share some of the science that makes cheese possible. 

Our experts share their passion for the nuances that separate artisan cheeses from the ordinary. Every tasting is a one-of-a-kind experience thanks to the variety of cheeses we curate. Caution, their excitement can be contagious.

Cheese board design

— Learn to create edible works of art —

Those amazing cheese boards arrayed like an invitation to deliciousness? It doesn’t just happen. What kind of board? What goes where? How do you appropriately cut and portion each type of cheese? How to arrange the supporting cast? And really - how do the experts make it all look so gorgeous? Even if you don’t have an eye for food styling, our host shows you how to design the most appetizing cheese board and impress your guests. We’ll use the cheeses and accompanying delights sent by Board at Home, but you can add your own touch from the cupboard. Once we let you in on some important tricks of the trade and the methodology of great board design, you’ll be able to create an amazing cheese board every time.


— Learn how to make your own cheese —

Feeling extra? It’s okay when you show up with cheese you made yourself. Real deal, learn to make one of two creamy, dreamy and incredibly easy cheeses that are perfect for entertaining and gifting. Choose from cow's milk to make fromage blanc or goat's milk to make fresh chèvre and never again wonder what appetizer to bring to an event. Regardless of the milk you choose, we'll follow the same recipe in class to make an easy and scrumptious cheese that will be ready to eat in about 24 hours. 

 This workshop is taught in a combination hands-on/time-lapse fashion so that guests can start their cheese together in class then finish the next day on their own. While you heat up your milk, Nicole Easterday of FARMcurious will regale the group with some interesting cheese history and fun science to help you understand the process.

Nicole will tell you what to look for the next day and show the next steps in the process along with some practical tips. Class wraps up with a discussion on flavoring, shaping and gifting possibilities, making this the cheese you will forever use as social currency.

Cheese Myths

– Mystified by cheese? We can help! –

People who are lactose intolerant can’t eat cheese, right? And what about those rinds, pretty sure you can’t eat them. Maybe, maybe not. If you think you know cheese, there are sure to be some surprises in store for you when our experts reveal the truth behind common myths. Entertaining, educational, and full of the unexpected. It’s like mythbusters for food - come with an open mind and find out what you never knew about the world of fine cheeses. The best part - you’ll learn while tasting yummy cheeses.