A community connected.

– Why we started –

In March of 2020, as the pandemic began turning lives upside down, Rumiano Cheese Company saw just how deeply people in the food industry were being impacted, especially small artisan producers. The unusual situation called for new ideas. Ray Rumiano banded with a group of co-founders and Board at Home was launched. Board at Home is a collaboration of many people who gathered together to creatively address the challenge. 

DIY cheese board collections provided a direct connection between small farmers and community-based artisan producers to consumers eager for fine cheeses, responsibly-raised meats, and other small-batch foods. When farmer’s markets and restaurants were closed, Board at Home created one-of-a-kind experiences at home. This was an opportunity to amplify small artisan brands just when they needed it most.

Sharing the experience

Board at Home curates and delivers, next day to the front door. People were enthusiastic about the cheese collections and eager to learn more. We quickly saw that Board at Home could take that direct connection further, introducing people to the hands-on California artisan cheese makers and other food producers—and their delicious products—through Virtual Tasting Events. 

Individuals love our offerings and some of the nation's finest businesses and organizations enlist us to create virtual events and get-togethers, building camaraderie even at a distance. Today, Board at Home has held nearly 200 events, adding cheese-making, and other cheese education courses to the catalog. Expert education that’s more like a party!

How we’re helping

Board at Home began from a very simple place - human to human. When you stop for a moment and consider where the best food comes from, you realize it’s more than quality ingredients, responsible sourcing, sustainable production processes, or even secret recipes —  it’s all of that and the people at the heart of it all. The human beings who care enough to do it the right way and add a little something extra. The artisans.

We soon saw that Board at Home has an important role beyond the immediate need that got us started. We are expanding our giving to focus on other areas of support for the industry and efforts toward sustainable practices. Family farms and small-scale producers keep the wisdom and traditions alive while moving the industry forward.

Be a part of the change

We invite you to enjoy our cheeses, learn about our artisans and their products, drink some wine, have a beer, or mix up your favorite cocktail. For us it’s all about the connections we create and the community that grows stronger as a result. Thank you for joining us.