Board at Home x Make Food Lovely

Board at Home and Emily Love of @MakeFoodLovely are excited to welcome you to a brand new, limited edition Board at Home experience: The Make Food Lovely DIY Cheese Board!

Board at Home and Emily Love of @makefoodlovely have partnered for a collaboration full of DIY energy. Emily chose some of her favorite Board at Home artisan cheeses, charcuteries, and accompaniments to bring the magic of her food styling to you at home. Below, you’ll learn the 101’s of cheese board design with some pro-tips. 

Step 1: The Cheeses

There is a reason experts cut each cheese a little differently. It’s all about the texture - and the right surface area for enhancing flavor. Here we have five cheeses, all cut with different techniques.

Cypress Grove Fog Lights: Slice the top off. Turn that piece upside down and lean it against the other half. This bloomy rind is intended to be eaten with the inner paste, plus it's strikingly beautiful!

Rumiano Cheese Co.'s Smoked Mozzarella: Cut into cubes. The rind on this is smokey deliciousness, so leave it on!

Point Reyes Farmstead's Toma: Place the wedge on the board, point (aka: "nose") away from you. Slice down the ramp, cutting at least 6-8 triangular slices. Turn two of the slices towards one another to create a “bow-tie”. Continue the pattern or right/left and the bow tie becomes a zipper. For this one, I leave the rind on, for both flavor as well as to note the farmer’s gorgeous artwork! The rind on this is food grade wax, which is considered inedible. I like to leave it on for aesthetic purposes.

Fiscalini Farmstead's Old World Aged Cheddar: Rather than cubing this cheese, crumble it. You can achieve this by taking your knife and holding it vertically into the cheese. Push the knife down and twist your wrist and bite sized crumbles of cheese will fall off.

Stepladder Creamery's Moonstone: Slice the Moonstone across the wedge (rind to rind) to get the full taste of the paste. Lean each slice slightly back against the other to create a stepladder effect! This rind is also a wax rind (like the Toma). Keep it on for a striking appearance.

Additional Notes: Cheese rinds are art! I advise keeping the rind on to add aesthetic value, but also to help identify the cheeses. Some rinds are inedible (such as wax), though most cheese professionals suggest trying the rind at least one time! Don't forget to use a different utensil for each cheese to prevent flavor's from co-mingling.

Step 2: Charcuterie

Charcuterie and salumi come in many different forms and styles. Each allowing for a unique presentation. The two different formats of Californian artisan salumi will bring variance in flavors, but also a unique styling option.

Alle-Pia Finocchiona "Chub": Slice this on the bias. You can do this by holding your knife slightly at an angle and cutting down and away from you. Take the slices and cascade them like shoots and ladders between the cheeses

Alle-Pia Pre-Sliced Sopressa: Fold the pieces in half (like a taco), and arrange them like a conga line of tacos. You can do this in a line or in a pile. The folds also make it easier to pick up as well!

Step 3: Adding Accompaniments

Using accompaniments such as honeys, jams, and compotes (or, the last of that seedy mustard in your refrigerator) brings your board to life. Each unique accompaniment brings a brand new pairing opportunity for the board-enjoyers. Mix and match to find your favorite. Be sure to use separate utensils for each accompaniment!

Small Batch Jams: Place the two jars on the board, in two different sections. Twist the top off and place a small serving spoon or knife in. This will invite your guests to dig in!

Chico Honey Company's Wildflower Honey: Pour the honey into a ramekin and place your honey wand in. Do not pre-drizzle honey on any of the cheeses as it can adulterate the texture of the cheese. Encourage your guests to drizzle with each new bite!

Step 4: Crackers and Cocktail Snacks

No board is complete without crackers (aka: edible plates) and cocktail snacks. Believe it or not, there’s more to these board-enhancers than just laying them in a pile.

Sohnrey Family Farms Roasted Almonds: Find space on the board where you can still see the bottom of the board and fill with your Almonds. There can be several piles of these across the board. Use them to fill in gaps!

Rustic Bakery Olive Oil & Sel Gris Flatbread Bites: Spread your flatbread bites around the board as well, having a few near each cheese. Do not put the crackers on the board until you are ready to serve. If you prepare your board the night before your event, the crackers will take on the moisture of the cheese and meat in the fridge and everyone will be left with stale fridge crackers. By leaving them on the side you are also keeping the board Gluten Free and insuring some of your guests will have options

Step 5: Produce

Though not a requirement, a little fresh produce can elevate your board! Fresh fruit or veggies can provide guests with a great palette cleanser or a refreshing snack that pairs with the rest of your spread.

Not included in the kit, but go to your pantry or fridge to add color and sweetness to the board. I love using dried fruits such as apricots or figs, or fresh produce such as grapes.

Step 6: Garnish

Adding a touch of aromatic greenery can add even more points to your board-making score.

Garnish with fresh herbs such as rosemary, thyme, sage, or even edible flowers. Pepper them across the board to draw the eyes to each delicious focal point!

Step 7: Enjoy!

Thank you so much for buying the Make Food Lovely Collection from Board at Home. I am so honored to work with Board at Home, because of their passion and mission to support artisan cheesemakers. Every Board at Home cheese collection supports local food community food producers, and regional food traditions. That community connection means the tastiest cheeses, the most sought-after charcuterie and small batch jams, locally produced honeys, nuts and other craft accompaniments.

By purchasing this board, you’re directly helping craft cheesemakers survive and creating a better and more sustainable food future for all of us.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!