Rookies Of The Year
Rookies Of The Year
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Rookies Of The Year

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New cheese, who dis? We’ve scoured the land to track down some of the most unique, hottest, hippest cheese in the biz. You’d be hard-pressed to find these small-batch releases outside of their local farmers’ markets! These cheesemakers let their creativity soar, and we’re thrilled to offer this incredible lineup of unique cheeses and high-quality products. This kit comes with 4 kinds of cheese (25 ounces total), 3-ounces of pre-sliced dry Italian salame, 4 ounces of salted pistachios, and a 4.5-ounce box of flatbread bites.

*To protect the quality of our products, we only ship (via UPS) Monday through Wednesday with 1-2 days of transit time, depending on the shipping method you select.


Aries (5 ounces)
Paso Robles, California
Aries is an aged sheep's milk cheese created in the style of a traditional Alpine cheese. Aged for 8 months, Aries has a fresh, buttermilk flavor and subtle fruitiness with hints of pineapple. The creamy, yet firm, texture, and earthy, caramel-like aromas make this sheep's milk cheese stand out among the rest.

Buona Fortuna (4 ounces)
Tomales, California
Buona Fortuna is an aged, hard Manchego-style cheese made from pasteurized sheep's milk. The texture is crumbly yet delicate and the flavor is slightly fruity with buttery sheepy notes.

El Capitan (5 ounces)
Escalon, California
A fully aged raw cow’s milk Spanish-style cheese that is made by hand in small batches. The semi-hard texture provides a unique creaminess with buttery undertones and a long finish to make your taste buds tingle.

Marinated Fromage Blanc (6 ounces)
Cambria, California
Stepladder's rich and creamy fromage blanc is marinated in locally sourced olive oil with a blend of garlic, black peppercorns, bay leaf and chili pepper. Eat the cheese and save the oil and contents for salad dressing.

Dry Italian Salami (3 ounces)
Berkeley, California
This James Beard-award winning chef recipe keeps old world traditions alive. A classic Italian salame made with pasture raised pork and seasoned with sea salt, black pepper, garlic and white wine.

Salted Pistachios (4 ounces)
Oroville, California
Perfectly roasted and simply salted, these high-quality, natural pistachios are grown by fifth-generation family farmers and made in small batches in Butte County, California. The sweet nuttiness and salty balance pairs especially well with acidic cheeses.

Olive Oil & Sel Gris Flatbread Bites (4.5 ounces)
Petaluma, California
Light and flaky, these delicious baked by hand flatbread crackers feature nutritious, organic ingredients like grey sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. A perfect compliment to any cheese.