Celebrate American Cheese Month all of May! Every order will receive a gift of a featured cheese. This week: Rumiano Dry Jack!

Board at Home

Every Board at Home charcuterie experience creates a direct connection to small farmers and passionate artisan makers. We celebrate these committed human beings whose careful work makes our taste buds so happy. The state of our food system today makes it challenging for small-scale producers to sell their product. Board at Home supports people and local businesses committed to sustainable practices and working hard to do food right. 

We ❤️ Artisan Cheesemakers

Every time you enjoy a Board at Home cheese collection, you help support our local northern California food community, small food producers, and regional food traditions. You are directly helping craft cheesemakers survive and creating a better and more sustainable food future for all of us.

Money Where Our Mouth Is

The critical connection between small farmers and local independent restaurants is more obvious than ever. Many are still reeling as they struggle to re-open and recover. The LEE Initiative is there to provide support and we are here for them. We donate a portion of the proceeds from every Board at Home sale to ongoing support.