Season of change.

Thank You for Your Support

Everything has its season and the season has come for us to move on. Thank you all for your help supporting our mission. Like many businesses coming through the last few years, it’s now time for us to re-calibrate. Your support allowed us to contribute to those in the food industry so greatly impacted by the challenges of the pandemic. 

Although we are no longer going to be shipping cheese and charcuterie collections or holding tastings, we will carry on our support in other ways and will remain actively involved in the artisan cheese community. For us the best part has always been the connections we create and the community that grows stronger as a result. Thank you for joining us.

For questions, reach out to us via our chat or email:

Moving Forward

In March of 2020, as the pandemic began turning lives upside down, Rumiano Cheese Company saw just how deeply people in the food industry were being impacted, especially small artisan producers. The unusual situation called for new ideas. We launched Board at Home as a collaboration of many people who gathered to creatively address the challenge. 

DIY cheese board collections provided a direct connection between small farmers and community-based artisan producers to consumers eager for fine cheeses, responsibly-raised meats, and other small-batch foods. When farmer’s markets and restaurants were closed, Board at Home created one-of-a-kind experiences at home. This was an opportunity to amplify small artisan brands just when they needed it most.

We soon expanded our giving to focus on other areas of support for the industry and efforts toward sustainable practices.

People Supporting People

The people behind the cheese have always been at the heart of what we do and that commitment doesn’t stop. Small creameries, family farms and craft food traditions need support to thrive. California's artisan cheesemakers are producing some of the tastiest and most exciting cheeses in the country. Family farms and small-scale producers keep the wisdom and traditions alive while moving the industry forward. Please continue to support their efforts.

Here are direct links to some of our featured creameries and craft producers. Watch for their cheeses in specialty stores or follow them directly. They will appreciate your support!